What’s that Sound?

What’s that sound?

By Dr. Brian Bartholomew & Chelsi Meil

Everyone is curious about the sound you hear when getting adjusted.

Sometimes when adjusted, you hear a popping noise from your joints, and it’s even louder during a neck adjustment, because it’s so close to your ear drums.

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The “pop” you hear is actually called a cavitation, and it’s a release of gas that makes a sound.

The joints of the spine produce a fluid called synovial fluid, which nourish and lubricates the joints. The side-effect formed within the production of the fluid, are gasses, oxygen, nitrogen and Co2. When a joint is opened up, the gas is then released with an adjustment, which causes the sound.

After the adjustments, once that joint opens up, the fluid can re-lubricates the joints, thus creating normal motion.

Many who have a “stuck” joint or stiffness gain relief after the adjustment.

The amount of relief is dependent on the severity of the subluxation and how long the subluxation has been there.

This is why consistency is key. The more dedicated a patient is to their adjustments, the greater the chance to see normal function sooner.


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