Adjustments for Immunity and Stress

Adjustments Boost Immunity and Decreases Stress

By Dr. Brian Bartholomew & Chelsi Meil

Chiropractic care is for more than just neck and back pain.  This study proves spinal adjustments decreases stress levels and helps boost the immune system at the same time.

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During stressful situations, our immune system is weakened, causing a lower level of immunoglobin A (IgA), which helps fight off infection. Levels of IgA directly correspond with the potency of the immune system. As the level of IgA decrease the likeliness of getting an upper respiratory infection increases.

In 2011 a study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association called “Impact of Osteopathic Manipulation on Secretory IgA in Stressed Populations” levels of IgA were tested in 25 post-graduate students during exams. This study examined the increase in IgA levels in participants under after chiropractic care.

Participants submitted a saliva test of their IgA. The test group then received a spinal adjustment, while the controlled group sat in a relaxed separate area. After an hour, both groups submitted a saliva test again.

The research indicated that the group receiving adjustments displayed a 139% greater increase in IgA levels than the controlled group. The positive effect of spinal adjustments for immune system function is clearly demonstrated in this study.

This research, along with many others, continue to link optimal health with chiropractic adjustments.



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