How Allergies are Connected to Chiropractic

Allergies and How They Connect to Chiropractic

Allergies are no laughing matter, and almost everyone understands that.

A chiropractor recently had a patient who has been struggling with severe allergies. She also struggled with a hay and green bean allergy. This was a struggle for the patient, because she loved green beans and horseback riding.

The patient had been seeing a chiropractor for six months, and an opportunity came up for her to go horseback riding. She had heard that chiropractic care can help with allergies, so she decided to put it up to the test!

Packing herself from Sudafed spray, she got onto the horse.

With the wonders of chiropractic, she had no sneezing fits and didn’t have to use the Sudafed! And to test her allergies even more, she tried eating green beans, and no problems occurred!

Many people have showed wonderful improvements from undergoing chiropractic care.

In a 2004 study, 1,028 people had some form of allergy(the most common were atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma). With x-rays, 98% of the people had remarkably similar misalignments in their mid back. Over 88% of the people with consistent adjustments showed massive improvments in skin itching and over 71% showed improvement overall skin condition. And the people who didn’t receive adjustments showed 0% of improvement.


If you know anyone struggling with allergy issues, give us a call to schedule an appointment today!


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