How Athletes Stay Healthy

How Athletes Stay Healthy


By Dr. Brian Bartholomew & Chelsi Meil

For most young athletes, they get by with a personal chef and advanced home gym. But for 39 year old Steelers linebacker, James Harrison, he goes the extra mile with taking care of his health.

Not only does he see experts in acupuncturists, a dry needlist, three massage therapists, two chiropractors and “a person who does cupping”, he also flies them out.

According to a report from ESPN, Harrison spends $300,000 a year just to keep his body in top form.

Most of his technicians live across the country, including New York and California. He pays their airfare and expenses to get them into town when he needs them.

According to Harrison, he sees each person at least once a week.

Harrison books their flights for them, to go that extra mile. He has spent well over $1 million investing in his health.

The average career for NFL athlete is 3.3 years, and Harrison will be playing his 15th season this fall with the Steelers. Plus, he signed a to-year extension back in March to keep playing with the Steelers until he’s 41.

As James Harrison says, “When it comes down to it, what I make versus what I spend, the payout is worth it based on how I feel.”

Go Steelers!



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