Bedtime Drink That Helps Your Liver and Reduces Inflammation

Bedtime Drink That Helps Your Liver and Reduces Inflammation

Turmeric Teaby Brian Bartholomew Chiropractor Ithaca, Ny

Many cultures enjoy warm milk before bed to help with sleep quality. Why not add turmeric and make it a detoxifying, liver cleansing beverage? Turmeric (or curcumin) is know to help reduce inflammation, kill cancer cells and aid detoxification and is a great spice to add to any dish or drink.

Instead of cow’s milk try coconut milk. Coconut milk is anti fungal, anti bacterial and filled with healthy medium chain fatty acids that actually help you burn fat.  Canned coconut milk seems to taste better and tolerate heat better than the coconut milk from the carton. Either way, I think your will enjoy warm coconut milk with turmeric.

1 1/2 Cup of Coconut Milk

1/2 Cup Water

1 tsp Turmeric



Black Pepper



Heat ingredients in a sauce pan to a boil. Let liquid cool enough to drink. Drink & enjoy.

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