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10 Things People Don’t Know About Chiropractic Care.

10 Things People Don’t Know About Chiropractic Care.   10. Adjustments Don’t Hurt. No, you’re not going to get your head ripped off, and your bones aren’t going to snap. It’s actually much gentler than you would imagine. Most patients who are new to the chiropractic route are pretty anxious about the thought of this. […]

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Bedtime Drink That Helps Your Liver and Reduces Inflammation

Bedtime Drink That Helps Your Liver and Reduces Inflammation by Brian Bartholomew Chiropractor Ithaca, Ny Many cultures enjoy warm milk before bed to help with sleep quality. Why not add turmeric and make it a detoxifying, liver cleansing beverage? Turmeric (or curcumin) is know to help reduce inflammation, kill cancer cells and aid detoxification and is […]

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Nervous System Dysfunction Part of Cancer

Chiropractic Care

We all know the nervous system is the master controller of all function, healing and health. Chiropractic has always focused on removing interference (subluxation) from the nervous system to allow the body maximal healing ability. With less nerve system interference your brain is able to send and receive messages more clearly from your tissue cells […]

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Cancer Prevention Video

Learn how to maximize your health and become a cancer killer. We are sick of seeing so many wonderful people diagnosed with cancer. It is time to start building health and empowering ourselves to do all we can to prevent cancer!

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Cancer Killer’s Diet

The foods we put into our grocery carts affect far more than just our waistline. Choosing nutrient-dense foods plays a lifelong role in the health of our skin, the purity of our internal organs, and our susceptibility to cancer. Clean eating creates resiliency in the body and can be easily incorporated into any diet without breaking the […]

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Dangers of Milk and Dairy Products

We are always told that drinking milk is necessary for growing and maintain healthy bones and teeth.  I think the dairy industry has sold us this message for years. But the truth is that the consumption of milk and dairy products is associated with serious health consequences such as cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, allergies and digestive problems, among […]

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Help For Those Struggling With Thyroid Problems or Weigh Loss Challenges

Many Americans suffer from symptoms such as cold hands and feet, low body temperature, sensitivity to cold, a feeling of always being chilled, headaches, insomnia, dry skin, puffy eyes, hair loss, brittle nails, joint aches, constipation, mental dullness, fatigue, frequent infections, hoarse voice, ringing in the ears, dizziness, loss of libido, and weight gain, which […]

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5 Day Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse

by Brian Bartholomew D.C. Things You’ll Need Organic Apple juice (about four to eight 32oz bottles, freshly pressed) or Distilled Water 4-5 gallons Phosfood Drops from Standard Process Grapefruit Juice ( at least 4 oz) Pineapple Juice (at least 4 oz) Fresh Organic Cream (at least 4-8oz) Blueberries & Raspberries Extra Virgin Olive Oil (at […]

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