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L.E.A.F. Charity of the Month

One of our favorite charities and events. L.E.A.F. Is a day camp for adults with disabilities. Check it out and please help support! Two way to support this charity: 1. Refer a friend of family member for their initial evaluation for a $20 donation to L.E.A.F or 2. Donate directly to LE.A.F. at our office […]

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Symptoms are not the problem but are  an effect of the problem. Symptoms are often the body’s last warning sign of a underlying crisis. Most health problems start silently as sick or dis-eased cells develop and manifest years after the initial damage. Most conditions are symptom free for years but then show up with devastating symptoms later on. […]

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FDA Slams Aspirin A Day to Prevent Heart Disease

FDA now says that taking an aspirin a day is not helpful to prevent heart disease. While taking medications like aspirin or even ingesting a bit of rat poison may sound appealing and thin the blood, researchers are saying that it does not prevent heart disease and often causes more harm than good. The top organ […]

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