How to Make Pregnancy Easier on You and Your Baby

How to Make Pregnancy Easier on You and Your Baby


By Dr. Brian Bartholomew and Chelsi Meil

Pregnancy is never easy but it doesn’t have to be completely unbearable for the mother or the baby! I know you have probably heard a thousand awful stories of how painful and traumatizing your family/friend’s labor was.

We frequently hear the opposite. Mothers who have had a child before utilizing chiropractic care then have a pregnancy while under regular chiropractic care often comment that pregnancy was significantly easier, more comfortable, with a faster labor and a much more calm child with the help of chiropractic.

So how can you drastically reduce the discomfort of pregnancy and the duration of labor and is there any research?


In a recent study, 223 pregnant women showed a decrease in the duration of labor in the women that received chiropractic care.


First Pregnancy

Second+ Pregnancy

Yes spinal manipulation

9hrs 54mins

6hrs 19mins

No spinal manipulation

21hrs 6mins

11hrs 41mins

In  another study, getting regular adjustments significantly decreased the probability of the use of forceps during delivery. Also, thoracic spine manipulation can help regulate blood pressure which is often elevated with pregnancy and the fact that you double your blood volume while pregnant.

In a 1982 study of 500 pregnant women showed that adjustments to the lower spine not only decreased the pain during labor, but also reduced the need for major narcotic pain medication.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes significant stress that may lead to alignment changes. Once the fetus descends into the pelvis, there is an increased pressure on lower nerves in the back, which often irritates the sciatic nerve causing sciatic pain, tingling and a “pins and needles” feeling in woman’s legs. Some physical changes effecting the pregnant woman’s lower back can cause nausea, headaches and light-headedness.

Chiropractic adjustments can help ease the stress on the nerves and pain by gently re-aligning the spine back into its proper pregnancy structure. There is also a statistically significant reduction of degree of back pain during labor in women who receive adjustments during the pregnancy.

In short, getting regular adjustments can reduce:

  • the use of forceps during delivery
  • the likelihood of a preterm delivery
  • the duration of labor
  • blood pressure
  • lower back pain

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