Ithaca Chiropractic New Patient Opportunity

Ithaca Family Chiropractic is the only chiropractic office in the area equipped with digital x-ray and thermographic spinal scans to help locate the cause of health problems. We have 3 excellent chiropractors that deliver gentle, specific, affordable chiropractic care that helps you get well quickly. If you are looking for a caring chiropractor and a friendly staff check us out!

Cost: Your Co-pay or $20

Your initial consultation, evaluation, x-rays (if necessary) and first adjustment are all covered by your normal insurance co-pay. If you do not have insurance your first visit is $20 and that covers everything.

If you have a free consultation card from a friend or family member please bring that with you to the office.

Ithaca Family Chiropractic works with many insurance plans. We are happy to call and look into your insurance coverage for you and let you know your co-pay for the first visit. We also offer affordable chiropractic care for people without any insurance coverage.

Monday 8:30 – 10:45 & 2:30 – 5:45

Tuesday 2:30 – 5:00

Wednesday 8:30  – 10:45 & 2:30 – 5:45

Thursday 2:30 – 5:45

Friday 8:30 – 10:45 & 2:30-5:00

New patient appointments are available outside normal office hours. We are happy to find a time to help you today or ASAP. Please call (607) 257-9355




On Site Digital X-ray

New Patient Paperwork


New Patient Paperwork


Pediatric Paperwork


Common Questions

1.) What do you do on the first visit to find the cause of my problem?

In our office we check posture, range of motion and palpate your spine to find areas of mis-alignment or subluxation. We also utilize a computerized nerve scan or digital x-rays visualize to find any underlying damage that may be causing your problem. Our goal is to start helping your feel better the first day.

2. How much does the evaluation cost at Ithaca Chiropractic?

Your normal co-pay if you have insurance or a $20 for everything.

Free if you are referred by an existing patient and have a gift certificate.

3.) Does the doctor give you a detailed report of findings?

A detailed report of finding is a crucial part of the care you receive in our office. This is your chance to learn about the types of care we provide.

4.) Does the doctor explain the type of care options they give up front before you have a large financial commitment?

Finances and insurance coverage are reviewed in detail before you assume any financial expense beyond your initial visit. Most patients pay per visit or pay for a few visits at a time.

5.) Does the doctor offer gentle adjustments?

At Ithaca Family Chiropractic we offer varying adjustment techniques to make your care comfortable and productive. We are trained by the ICPA to offer safe, light adjustments for infants and children.

6.) Can your children benefit from chiropractic care?

We have taken years of advanced pediatric training and have incredible experience caring for children with various conditions including newborns. You will see many families utilizing the specific, scientific chiropractic care we provide to help keep their whole family healthy. We would love for you to come check out our office and see for yourself how our care is helping many people in our community get healthy! Call (607) 257-9355 to set up an appointment for yourself and your family today and take charge of your health!