Sleeping and Hip Pain



“I’d experienced tingling and numbness in my hips ever since 2010, when I was 28.  The sensations weren’t painful most of the time, but were certainly uncomfortable.  Going on long car rides, sitting at work, and getting a full night’s sleep were very difficult for me.  I’d tried stretching routines, but they weren’t helpful.


I started getting adjusted regularly with Dr. Mike in 2014.  After a few adjustments I was noticing that I was sleeping better.  After a few months I noticed that the tingling and numbness I felt in my hips was gone entirely, and that I could sleep face-up, lying on my back, which was something I was previously unable to do.


I have Dr. Mike to thank for being able to sleep soundly through the night, which has improved my quality of life in so many ways.  I’m less irritable and have more energy throughout the day.  Thank you so much, Dr. Mike!”


About the author:Dr. Brian Bartholomew
Dr. Brian Bartholomew owns and operates Ithaca Family Chiropractic in Ithaca, Ny. His expertise is in pediatric care and structural corrective chiropractic care for all ages.

Dr. Bartholomew is available for outside speaking for businesses, churches, groups, athletic teams, rotaries, health food stores and anyone who wants to take charge of their health naturally!

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