Vaccines and The Immune System

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What a Vaccine Free Child Looks Like

Vaccines have become a hot topic these days. Supporters of vaccines claim that there are no definitive links between vaccines and autism and emphasize that vaccines save lives. Many others believe that vaccines are responsible for the rise of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) as well as other health issues such as allergies, asthma and auto-immune disorders.

There has been much research investigating the ingredients and preservatives used in vaccines. As you will see below, many of them are dangerous and should be avoided in my opinion. But the real issue with vaccines is thatthey stimulate the wrong immune response in the body.

Pediatrician Jay Gordon believes that vaccines do more harm than good. “I think the children who receive no vaccines at all are statistically safe. I think that the later you give vaccines and the more slowly you give vaccines, the safer you are.”

Former director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Bernadine Healy told a CBS news correspondent that the government needs to investigate why some children developed autistic symptoms after being vaccinated. She says that it is biologically possible that vaccines could trigger autism.

In 2002 research definitively linked the use of thimerosal in vaccines (a mercury-based preservative) to autism and it was removed from most vaccines. But autism rates continue to climb: today 1 in 150 American children are diagnosed with ASDs every year.

In 2007 the federal government awarded money to Hannah Poling, a child whose parents claimed developed autism from having been vaccinated but the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) still maintains that vaccines do not cause autism.

Unvaccinated People

Many parents have made headlines when they refuse to vaccinate their children and are often blamed for outbreaks of disease by the CDC.  But a recent mumps outbreak that struck over 1,000 people in New Jersey and New York tells a different story.

A New Jersey health official told a CNN reporter that 77% of the cases occurred in vaccinated peopleNatural News editor Mike Adams points out that even though the CDC claims the mumps vaccine is 76 to 95% effective, there has never been a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to provide the scientific basis to back up this claim.

This makes me wonder: If you get a vaccine in order to protect yourself from a particular disease, why are you worried about being exposed to that disease through an unvaccinated person?

Adams has also posted a $10,000 reward for anyone that can find a single scientific study that proves the effectiveness and safety of the H1N1 vaccine. Due to his own exhaustive search, he’s positive that he’ll never have to pay out.


Dr. David Ayoub is a specialist on components used in vaccines. Thimerosal isn’t the only thing to worry about he says: use of aluminum may prove to be even more toxic than thimerosal was.

Ayoub became interested in the use of aluminum in vaccines and its effects after hearing about the high levels of aluminum found in autistic children and those with ADHD. A nutritionist showed Dr. Ayoub toxicity studies in a school in which 90% of the children developed ADHD in a single year. Their toxicity profiles showed massive amounts of aluminum.

Aluminum is used as an adjuvant in vaccines: it boosts your immune response to the antigen, the infecting agent. Scientists are still unclear about how adjuvants work but they use them so that they can use fewer antigens and cut costs.

Dr. Ayoub discovered that the FDA guidelines of aluminum content in vaccines was based on its effectiveness as an adjuvant and does not take safety into account.

Aluminum is used in hepatitis vaccines, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccines, Hib vaccines, Gardasil and pneumonia vaccines.

One of the highest concentrations of aluminum is found in Pediatrix, says Dr. Ayoub. This combination vaccine given to children contains 450 mcg more aluminum than what’s normally used in vaccines. Children also get multiple vaccines at once, compounding the problem. According to Dr. Ayoub, children today receive 13 more aluminum-containing vaccine injections than kids did in the 70’s and 80’s and the dosage in each has more than doubled.

Blaylock bemoans the fact that today, children receive 23 or more vaccinations before the age of 2 and 36 or more by the time they enter school and that the CDC urges parents to get their child a flu shot every year. The majority of flu shots in the US still contain a full dose of Thimerosal, says Blaylock.

He points out that CDC and other agencies often reassure people about the safety of vaccinations even though the same agencies once claimed that cigarette smoking didn’t cause lung cancer, mercury was not only safe but it raised IQ, and that Thimerosal was safe even though no study had been conducted on its safety.

Both aluminum and mercury accumulate in the brain—not the blood, says Blaylock, so blood tests of mercury levels don’t mean much when they’re done by vaccine manufacturers. Mercury found in the brain has a half-life of 20 years.

Aluminum is toxic and impairs the body’s ability to rid itself of mercury. It also impairs glutathione synthesis, the compound that detoxifies the body and aids vital biological processes.

Vaccines & Immune Response

Without going into too much detail, our bodies have a TH1 immune response and a TH2 immune response. Vaccines stimulate the TH2 response in the body. This is more like an “emergency immune response.”

By having an immune system that is trained to respond with a TH2 response (which is inflammatory in nature), you then weaken your TH1 response (which is responsible for fighting viruses, parasites and cancer cells).

So in essence, it’s like we are trading childhood diseases like chicken pox for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock has reviewed the research on autism and vaccinations. He says that the most compelling work has found that repeatedly stimulating the immune system primes immune cells in the central nervous system.Subsequent vaccinations then cause intense reaction in these cells and inflammatory responses in the central nervous system. This affects the development of neuronal pathways in a growing child’s brain and can even lead to degeneration of existing brain structure.

Blaylock, and scientists who followed, have found that brain inflammation and immune cell reactivity exist in autistic people of all ages and that immune-stimulating substances such as the aluminum and mercury used in vaccines can promote these occurrences.

When we get an infection naturally, he says, our immune system quickly shuts down after the threat is taken care of to minimize damage to healthy tissue. When vaccinations are used, the immune reaction doesn’t shut down. That high-pitched crying from infants after vaccinations? Blaylock calls it the “encephaltitic cry:” it’s due to brain inflammation.

Vaccines & Auto-Immune Disorders

Autoimmune diseases such as asthma, eczema and type 1 diabetes rated have doubled over the past 30 years, says Blaylock, and coincide with the increasing use of vaccinations.

Children are born with highly reactive immune systems that slowly develop into a less reactive form as adults. The immune system is geared to learn about what infections are out there, develop specific antibodies and reactions to those threats and then settle down. When children stay in this reactive state too long, they’re more likely to develop auto-immune disorders.

Vaccines enhance reactivity and this reactivity persists for an abnormally long time. Autistic children are known to have reactive cell dominance.

Certain vaccines work by suppressing the immune system. When given along with other vaccines, children are more susceptible to infection and disease and more likely to suffer severe damage as a result of contracting them.

Live Viruses

Live viruses, like those in the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) suppress the immune system for up to 6 months.

Vaccines only cover a few specific strains of any virus and research has found that vaccinations can cause a shift in strain dominance, so that the vaccine becomes less and less effective. This has occurred with vaccines for meningitis and pneumonia, says Blaylock.

Autopsy studies of the elderly have found that live measles viruses can be found in 45% of elderly bodies and 20% of their brains. The live viruses used in vaccines take up permanent residence, it seems, and mutate wildly.

Some studies have found that as many as 60% of vaccines are contaminated with bacterial or viral fragments. It is fragments such as these that are linked to the brain-damaging immune responses that occur in HIV, herpes, measles and Lyme disease.

When agencies point out that vaccines have greatly lowered death rates due to common diseases, Blaylock points out that death rate by these diseases fell by over 90% beforemass vaccinations began. Neil Z. Miller, author of Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective points out that sanitation practices implemented at this time are the true cause of falling rates of disease.


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Dr. Axe’s Action Steps

  1. The truth is we need to focus on building our immune systems through lifestyle with diet and exercise. There is no magic pill or shot that can truly give us health.
  2. Education is key, but make sure that education is not fully supported by a trillion dollar drug industry.
  3. A couple great books I recommend are Vaccines: Are They Safe and Effective? by Neil Z. Miller and Changing the Course of Autism by Bryan Jepson.
  4. Boost your immune system naturally by eating a diet high in raw vegetables and other real foods, staying active and supplementing with whole food based nutritional supplements when needed.

DrAxeThis article was brought to you by Dr. Josh Axe. Author of the Real Food Diet Cookbook. Radio Show Host. Go-to physician for professional athletes.

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