Weight Loss


weight loss

“When I first gave chiropractic adjustments a try 3 years ago I had been experiencing serious lower back pain, along with high blood pressure and excess weight. My doctors all recommended blood pressure meds. I’m grateful from talking to Dr. Brian I prefer to stick to more natural remedies. The subluxations are now just once a week. Being that I’m in the business of cutting hair I’m on my feet a ton. I sometimes would be experiencing numbness in my hands. These once a week visits gave clearly shown to have helped me stay the course and improved the curvature of both my neck and back. I heard about the office through a friend. Starting out I would come in to see Dr. Brian three times a week. I notice almost immediately the wonderful improvements. I had lost 62 lbs and was eating much healthier than before. Currently I visit the chiropractor once a week. The changes for me have been wonderful improvements compared with how bad my quality of life was before. This experience has forever changed my life in a very positive way. I now tell all of my friends, family, and anyone I meet that they should seriously consider giving this place a try.”

About the author:Dr. Brian Bartholomew
Dr. Brian Bartholomew owns and operates Ithaca Family Chiropractic in Ithaca, Ny. His expertise is in pediatric care and structural corrective chiropractic care for all ages.

Dr. Bartholomew is available for outside speaking for businesses, churches, groups, athletic teams, rotaries, health food stores and anyone who wants to take charge of their health naturally!

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