Why to Get Checked Every Other Week At Least

Why You Should Get Checked Every Other Week Minimum

Spinal arthritis begins within two weeks of joint immobility.Disc Herniation and Chiropractic

Spinal Pathophysiology occurs when the spine has lost its normal range of motion.
This leads to joint immobility that can lead to permanent damage in as little as two weeks.
When spinal subluxation occurs, the joints become stuck or immobile.
Unable to move in their normal range of motion and the degenerate process known as osteoarthritis begins.
If the immobility is not corrected within two weeks, the osteoarthritis will become permanent.
These permanent changes can’t be reversed. But they can be kept from getting worse by restoring the mobility to the stuck joint.
Many times, people wait until they’re hurt before visiting the chiropractor.
By the time pain shows up, it could have been already been there for months, even years.
Once a week visits to your chiropractor to correct any subluxations before it becomes permanent; seems to make the most sense, don’t you think?

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