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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks   Written by Chelsi Meil Anxiety is one of those things most people don’t talk about. They just shrug it off and say it’s just nerves. But some days those feelings of anxiety can trigger panic attacks, which are not easy to recover from. What is puzzling is that people don’t […]

Chelsi’s Homemade Bath Bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs   This weeks recipe comes from Chelsi: Homemade Bath Bombs. Holiday time gets expensive, so this is an easier, cheaper solution.  9 times out of 10, people love having bath products as a gift.      Here’s what you’ll need: 4 oz. baking soda 2 oz. corn starch 2 oz. citric acid […]

Ashleys Non-Toxic Deodorant

Our newest homemade recipe comes from the lovely Ashley in the office! Non-Toxic Deodorant! 2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil                       1/3 Cup Baking Soda (Aluminum free) 2 Tablespoons Shea Butter                         1/3 Cup Arrowroot 7 Drops […]

How Allergies are Connected to Chiropractic

Allergies and How They Connect to Chiropractic Allergies are no laughing matter, and almost everyone understands that. A chiropractor recently had a patient who has been struggling with severe allergies. She also struggled with a hay and green bean allergy. This was a struggle for the patient, because she loved green beans and horseback riding. […]

10 Things People Don’t Know About Chiropractic Care.

10 Things People Don’t Know About Chiropractic Care.   10. Adjustments Don’t Hurt. No, you’re not going to get your head ripped off, and your bones aren’t going to snap. It’s actually much gentler than you would imagine. Most patients who are new to the chiropractic route are pretty anxious about the thought of this. […]

Jenn’s Homemade Cleaning Powder Recipe

We’ve been going around the office and asking each employee if they had anything they wanted to share with our patients. So, our first homemade recipe is from our lovely Jenn! Homemade Scoring Powder   This can be a substitute for Mr. Clean Scrubbing Eraser. Scouring Powder Ingredients 1 cup baking soda ½ cup salt (not […]