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Chiropractic Helps with Headaches & Back Pain

by Dr. Brian Bartholomew Chiropractor in Ithaca, Ny I’ve had headaches and back pain for several years before coming to Ithaca Family Chiropractic. It was probably caused by injuries, stress and poor posture. It was very painful on a daily basis. I have tried exercise and over the counter medicine. In the evening my headaches would keep me […]

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Natural Options for Neck Pain & Back Pain Relief

Natural Options for Neck Pain & Back Pain Relief by Dr. Brian Bartholomew Ithaca Family Chiropractic 2415 N. Triphammer Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850 (607) 257-9355 How common is back and neck pain? Over 80% of people experience neck or back pain at some point in their life. The most common form of treatment for this pain […]

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For Headaches and Back Pain Painkillers Do More Harm Than Good

By Brian Bartholomew D.C.  History of Opioid Painkillers Many of today’s painkillers like hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine are based on the opioid narcotics of the past. Opium and heroin made popular years ago are today regarded as highly addictive, dangerous and illegal. Today hundreds of thousands of people are dependent, addicted and stuck on dangerous, […]

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Low Back Pain & Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care

Low Back Pain & Chiropractic Care by Brian Bartholomew D.C. John spends the weekend helping a friend move and wakes up Monday morning with stiffness and pain in his lower back. His discomfort and limited range of motion cause him to call in sick and miss a day of work. Later in the day, he […]

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Sleeping and Hip Pain

HIP PAIN & SLEEPING “I’d experienced tingling and numbness in my hips ever since 2010, when I was 28.  The sensations weren’t painful most of the time, but were certainly uncomfortable.  Going on long car rides, sitting at work, and getting a full night’s sleep were very difficult for me.  I’d tried stretching routines, but […]

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Back/Neck, Increased Energy

“I suffered back, neck, and shoulder pain and stiffness due to a fall (I believe) over 2 years ago. At the time I felt I was pregnant so x-rays or imaging was out of the question. I think I just didn’t heal well and it mad daily life painful, stressful, and difficult. I tried OTC […]

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